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Constantinople (Turkey)
Constantinople (Turkey) Eparchies
The senior eparchy of Constantinople is founded in 1830 in the days of the most reverend and his Beatitude Catholicos D.D. Gregory - Bedros VI Djeranian. The first leader of the eparchy was his Excellency Archbishop Antoine Nouridjian.

The eparchy was established first as a presidential archiepiscopal Seat from 1830 till 1866.
Then it became the patriarchal Seat of Cilicia from 1866 till 1928.
And finally, when the patriarchate was transported to Beirut, Lebanon, it became an archiepiscopal Seat starting from 1928.

His Excellency Archbishop Antoine Nouridjian , from 1830 till 1838
His Excellency Archbishop Boghos Maroushian, from 1838 till 1846
His Excellency Archbishop Antoine Hasoun , from 1846 till 1866
The most reverend Antoine - Bedros IX Hasoun , from 1866 till 1880
The most reverend Sdepanos - Bedros X Azarian , from 1881 till 1899
The most reverend Boghos - Bedros XI Emanuelian , from 1899 till 1905
The most reverend Boghos - Bedros XII Sabbaghian , from 1905 till 1910
The most reverend Boghos - Bedros XIII Terzian , from 1910 till 1928
His ExcellencyArchbishop Hovsep Rokosian , from 1928 till 1930
His ExcellencyArchbishop Vahan Kchourian , from 1930 till 1936
His Excellency Archbishop Boghos Kiredjian , from 1936 till 1965
His Excellency Archbishop Hovhannes Cholakian , from 1967 -

Actually, the number of the eparchy members is approximately three thousand. The majority lives in Constantinople . We have also in the capital Ankara a small community composed of sixty families.

We have four vicarages or more precisely four vicar churches in Constantinople:
The Blessed Virgin church.
The responsible is his Excellency Archbishop Hovhannes Cholakian.
The Immaculate Conception church of Samatya.
The vicar is the right reverend Apraham V. Fratian.
St. Leon church of Kadkugh - Chalcedon. The vicar is the right reverend Kaspar V. Beilerian.
St. Hovhan Chrysostom church of Beyoglu. The assistant vicar is the reverend priest D. Haygaram Chekichian.

The eparchy has thirteen most beautiful churches which 12 of them are in Constantinople and one in Mardin.
Some churches celebrate the Holy Mass every Sunday and others only in summer season, being established in summer places. Some churches celebrate the Holy Mass during vacation days of the week.
All our churches are open. They have their visitor and responsible priests.
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