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Sunday, 7 January 2007 - Holy Mass for the Armenian Catholic Youth Association

Dear Brothers and Sisters, dear members of the Armenian Catholic Youth Association,

We are still in the atmosphere of Christmas and the Epiphany.

God sent His Only Begotten Son to save the people from their sins, to give them joy, to bring them close to each other and to spread love and harmony among them.

Is it possible that the 21st century humanity that has developed his skills in the field of technology starting from communication techniques to genetics would need a savior?

The Holy Pontiff Benedictus XVI answers to this question in His message for Christmas. He says, “A savior is necessary for today’s man, who has reached to the planets Moon and Mars and is getting ready to conquer the universe”.

A savior is essential for today’s man who by crossing many limits is seeking for the secrets of nature and has even succeeded to understand and interpret the role of the human genes. The Holy Father continues, “The 21st century man, who invented the internet which caused a huge development in communication technology and transformed the world into a global village, still needs a savior”.

Today’s man is presented to us as one with self-confidence, self-secure and self-sufficient concerning his destiny and very enthusiastic for his indisputable success.

This is how the 21st century man is presented to us, especially in a cultured and good-reader environment. He wants to leave the impression that he became adult and independent. But the truth is totally different.

If we try to look around, what do we see?

We see that in the 21st century and in spite of all the discoveries and technological progress, there are people, thousands of them dying of hunger, diseases and poverty. Something like this should in fact shock us, but we have gotten used to it. This phenomenon leaves us ashamed when there are so much prosperity and medical means in the world and the uncontrolled and unbridled desire to spend among the rich people. Where is justice? Where is fraternal love?

There are still people who live in slums and their dignity is trampled. Where is the human civilization? There are those who have become victims of racism and religious intolerance. Armenians can write volumes concerning this matter.

We live in a world where people constantly talk about international laws, they preach about harmony, justice and peace for all disregarding color, gender and religious discrimination. Was the United Nations able to impose respect in the declared Human Rights?

There are still others in despair. They leave their home and family behind to seek for a better and more dignified living elsewhere. Armenian emigrant communities can be seen everywhere.

For this very same reason, Jesus incarnated to save the human race and every man from his misery and sins.

For this reason we celebrate the Birth of Jesus every year, not only as a tradition but also to remember that we are always in need of a savior.

Again for this reason we celebrate Christmas with joy and wait for it with great expectations.

In spite of all the enhancement and progress, man always remained what he is, caught between good and evil. His heart is insatiable. St. Augustine says, “O Lord, You created my heart for You and only You can overwhelm it”. The human heart needs to be healed and saved, especially when the world has been cruel towards him and there are thousands of threats surrounding him.

Under these circumstances who can protect and save man?

Only He who has loved him and still loves him unconditionally, disregarding his sins as a condition for His love. Jesus loved us so much that He sacrificed His life for us on the cross. Jesus is the world’s and our sole savior, especially for the abandoned, the afflicted and the poor. This raises the obligation to announce to the world in a credible way the message of hope and love.

Who will undertake the responsibility of spreading this message? You, who are present here today and you the members of the Armenian Catholic Association .with the nobleness of your soul and with the generosity of your heart you will spread the Love of Jesus, Son of God. And you, young ones, you will become missionaries of unity and strength. You will spread out sincere love, invincible Christianity and patriotism in the Armenian societies.

Dear beloveds, humanified God Jesus Christ is sending you like the twelve apostles to enlighten and console your small world. He will grant you the power and capability for you has been christened with Holy Spirit and fire. Do not be afraid, open your hearts to Him and accept His message so that love and peace would be a legacy to all. Our Heavenly Mother, to Whom we always appeal, will guide and protect you.

Christ is the savior of the world.
Christ is our savior.
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