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Wednesday, 6 May 2009 - Mrs. Maria Boejekian Honored


On Monday, the 4th of May 2009, at 8:30PM, the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School honored its kindergarten head-teacher, Mrs. Maria Abounayan-Boejekian, in Faradjian auditorium, for her 25th anniversary in educational career.

One of the kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Rita Yeterian, said: "We have witnessed 25 years of devotion, 25 years of sacrifice and 25 years of calling. Teaching is not only a mission, but it is also a calling. Mrs. Maria is an example of a perfect educator. She leaves positive impression on her pupils through her continuous advice; she leaves a positive impression on her colleagues as well, through her cooperation and nonstop encouragement."

Following the opening speech, a biographical film was shown, depicting Mrs. Maria's professional career. Following that, Mr. Gregoire Kaloust,
the principal of the college, was invited to address his heartfelt words to the audience: "Today, we are gathered to honor a lady, who devoted her best 25 years for educational mission. She educated generations and generations. She gave from her heart, from her mind and from her conscience. She brought honor to this profession. Her qualifications are many: she works silently, plans thoroughly; and like a caring mother, she harmonizes with her colleagues, in order to give the best education, that the little ones deserve".

In the name of the students, Sarin Tavitian (in Armenian) and Etienne Seukunian (in Arabic) came forward and expressed their thankfulness to Mrs. Maria, for the education and her selfless giving. Following that, the student Antranik Kasbarian played "Oror" on his guitar. After which, in the name of the teachers, Ms. Shoghig Yepremian and Sonia Abetian expressed their joy and gratitude to Mrs. Maria for the full cooperation, kind attitude, and the sharp proficiency she showed during all her career. Next, in the name of the family, Mrs. Maria's brother, Mr. Nazareth Abounayan, and Mrs. Maria's
husband, Mr. Stephan Boejekian, came forward to express their respect, admiration and love for her virtues and for all the support she had
shown towards her brother, her husband, her three children, and all her relatives. After which, Mrs. Maria's daughter, Silvia, came forward and sang "Une Maman". Following that, His Excellency Father Yeghia Yeghiayan addressed his speech: "I knew you only for 8 years, during the educational mission that I undertook in Mesrobian. These years were sufficient to notice in you the virtues of humbleness and contentment."

Finally, the administration of the college ceremoniously honored Mrs. Maria Boejekian by submitting a souvenir award to her. The presents, one by one, congratulated Mrs. Maria, and then headed towards the Mesrobian Cafeteria for refreshments.

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