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Wednesday, 18 February 2009 - Vartanants Day at Mesrobian


On Tuesday, the 17th of February, 2009, at 10:30AM, the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School's students, teachers, administration, parents committee and guests were gathered in H. Boghossian theatre to celebrate Vartanants Day.

After the Armenian and Lebanese anthems, Daniel-Vartan Torossian, a 6th grade student e, addressed the audience by sating, "It's been more than 15 centuries that Armenian generations are being continuously educated by the heroic spirit of the courageous Vartan Mamigonian. In 451, during the Battle of Avarayr, numerous generals and 1036 warriors were martyred for the fatherland, language and faith. They are the great Saints of the Armenians."

He continued: "By their martyrdom, Vartanank (the people of Vartan), affirmed that the Armenians have the right and the will to survive".

And finally, he said: "Through their sacrifice, Armenians today keep their faith, language and nation. Today, it is the day, for us to celebrate and to re-establish our Christian and national vows. Let us vow to join our martyrs’ troop for the welfare of our nation, fatherland and faith."

The kindergarten KG2 children participated to this ceremony, singing "Zeitounsiner". Following that, a group of Elementary Grade 1 students recited "Father and Son" poem, written by H. Vahan Hovhanessian. A group of Elementary Grade 2 students recited "Courageous Vartan". From the 4th Grade, Nariné Ashkarian played on the violin "Dzidzernag" (Swallow). From the 6th Grade, Serouj Andonian played on the piano "The Dance of Swords" composed by Aram Khatchadourian. Also, from the same class, Stephanie Baltayan recited "Song in the Memory of Vartanants", written by Father Karekin Srvantsdian.

Nazareth Tomassian, a Terminal class students, came forward with "A Message of Vartan to the New Generation". Following that, the band and the choir of the college came forward with a couple artistic performances. Also, from the Grade 11, Ani Tarpinian recited "Vartan Mamigonian" written by Hagop Pambaguian.

The speaker of the day, Father Vartan Kazandjian, was invited to address the audience. In his stimulating speech, he talked about the Little Mesrob, the son of General Ardag, one of the best warriors of Vartan Mamigonian. He concluded his speech by saying: "Dear students: each of you is called Mesrobian and this is your identity. You are liberal, unreserved and, sometimes, curbless generation. However, you are courageous, and that's why you are the honor and the future of Lebanon. You are Today's and Tomorrow's Mesrobs and Vartans."

After the speech, a Martial Art dance was performed by the students David Daoud, Fredy Daoud, Christel Koshoyan and Serouj Djabrayan.

The artistic program ended by the performances of "Shoush" college's dance band.

At the end of the ceremony, the administration of the school had prepared a surprise. Getting up on stage, Mr. Gregoire Kaloust, the principal of the school, said: "Today coincides with Ghevont's Day, therefore, it is a day to honor our most reverend clergymen. We have with us today the Dean of the College, Most Reverend Father Vartan Bishop Ashkarian and Father Vartan Kazandjian. They are both named Vartan so we congratulate both of them!"

Finally, Most Reverend Father Vartan Bishop Ashkarian was invited to the stage, who in his turn, invited all the students who were named Vartan or Vahan, and submitted to them nomenclature certificates.

Garen Yossoulkanian, who was the presenter of the day, concluded the ceremony.

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