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Friday, 8 August 2008 - Meeting with Father Hovsep Kelegian

Beirut, Lebanon

On Friday the 8th of August 2008, Father Hovsep Kelegian had a meeting with the website administration in the Armenian catholic patriarchate.

Father Hovsep has been the parish priest of Our Lady of Annunciation in Achrafieh between 1973 to1978 after which he has served in the small seminary of Bzommar and presently he is the rector of the Armenian Levonian Pontifical College in Rome, and the Armenian Catholic patriarchal chargeª- d’affares to the Holy See and Italy. He is also the director of St. Vlas and St. Nicholas churches. He is also the director of the liturgical section in Radio Vatican in Armenian language.

Father Hovsep explained that the students of Levonian School will be spending one month of their summer vacation with their families and another month working for their parishes to gain some experience. He added that he will use this opportunity to meet with the families of the students to get acquainted with them and the atmosphere that surrounds them. Father Hovsep was accompanied by the vice rector father Tovmas Garabedian.

In his wide educational experience, father Kelegian emphasizes the importance of social communication regarding them as essential and the means that the young priests should use with much flexibility in service of their own mission, which, father Hovsep insists should preserve its contemporary character in order to be productive and fertile.

Referring to the process of character formation among the new generation, father Hovsep mentioned the peculiarities and difficulties of this essential phase, by setting a priority to teach the youth about how they should benefit from the positive value of the human experience. Father Kelegian told that every young person while growing up should recognize his advantages and value them, just as he should recognize and accept his faults and defects.

At the end of the meeting, father Hovsep expressed wishes of success and progress for the website.  

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