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Thursday, 12 June 2008 - "Golden Stars" Art Festival

Beirut, Lebanon

On Friday the 6th of June 6, 2008 at 7:00pm, a student art festival under the name "GoldenStars" took place for the first time in the school
playground of the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School. The Emeritus Catholicos Patriarch Hovhannes Bedros XVIII Kasparian, His Excellency Msgr. Vartan Bishop Ashkarian, as well as other spiritual leaders, teachers and parental committee members, parents, friends and students were present.                        

The opening speech was given by the director of the extra-curricular activities of the school and the editor-in-chief of Mesrobian Messenger, the official newspaper of the school, Mrs. Garine Tashjian. In her speech she emphasized that "Golden Stars" Art Festival's purpose is to give the talented students the opportunity to demonstrate their talents to their parents, sisters, brothers and friends.             

Afterwards, a documentary film was shown, under the title "Mesrobian Educational Institution", whose author is Mr.Vartan Tashjian. Then the audience enjoyed the students'
performances: recitation, singing, dancing and drama playing.              

As soon as the students' performances finished, the eleventh grade student, Khatchig Sayegh invited the principal of the college Mr.Gregoire Kaloust to address his words for this occasion. Mr. Kaloust welcomed and thanked all the audience especially Emeritus Catholicos Patriarch Hovhannes Bedros XVIII Kasparian. The principal invited Mr. Manuel Keshishian, Mr. Harout Keradjian, Mr. Vartan Meguerdichian, as well as all participant students to the stage and thanked them for their hard work and contribution in making the festival a most pleaurable experience.  

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