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Monday, 31 July 2006 - A Letter to Argati Ghougassian the President of The Republic of Nagorny Karabakh
Div 181/06

Honorable Sir Argati Ghougassian
President of the Republic of Nagorny Karabakh

As soon as We returned to Our residence, We were faced with the tragic situation created in Lebanon due to the Israeli dreadful bombing. However, We couldn’t forget the respect, the hospitality and the attentiveness that you gave Us during Our brief visit and for that We, once again express Our deep gratitude to your person Mr. President and to your associates.

Alas Our unexpected discomfort put Us under the obligation of reluctantly interrupting the schedule of Our visit. Yet, during Our two day visit, the encounters we had and the contacts we established were sufficient to gather the necessary impressions and to have a clear and genuine image on all grounds. We can assure you that the Republic of Nagorny Karabakh will always be present in Our thoughts just as We saw it.

We pray to God for His help to crown with total success all the efforts for the International Declaration of the Republic, the final peacemaking, the re-habitation of the emancipated lands and the prosperity of the Artsakhians. Along Our prayers ,We will try to have our continuous contribution and collaboration in those efforts.

Nerses Bedros XIX
Catholicos Patriarch of Cilicia for the Armenian Catholics
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