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Thursday, 13 March 2008 - Mesrobian's Senior Class is to Visit Jordan

Beirut, Lebanon

On Tuesday, the 11th of March, 2008, Mesrobian’s senior class students were with much surprise invited to meet up with their principal Gregoire Kaloust in the school’s « Yessayan » hall. Right after they all had gathered, the principal made a quick call to the president of the Christian benevolent organization « DMS Onlus » of Brescia in Italy, Dr. Angelo Bosio who, along with his wife Dr. Barbara is a very close friend of the school. Dr. Bosio announced the great surprise over the phone, « I think that the planned journey to Jordan which is organized by our organization for the final year students of Mesrobian must be of interest to you all. You will go to Jordan immediately after finishing your exams ». The students received and greeted this announcement with much applause.

Father Vartan Kazandjian who is the representative of « DMS Onlus » in Lebanon, explained the reason that the organization had chosen Jordan as a country visit, «we didn’t choose Syria, thinking that many of you have already been there. We chose Jordan which is also a country of faith and where Jesus was baptized. The aim of this journey is not only to go touring but also to get to know a country which has a rich culture and to enrich in that way our general knowledge ».

After making some organizational suggestions, the principal wished all the students success in their exams.


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